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Ask Zam & Sessy

An odd couple of friends in their own pokemon adventure!
Jul 11 '13

Sessy: hm? Zammy? are you okay? owo;;

Zam:… ./////.;;

((And so it begins~ gonna try to update this place~ >v<

And Introducing a new character! Bella the Froslass~! She’ll stay here for a few weeks and may reveal a few things about the plot! :D))

Jul 9 '13

Back At Home~!


And it’s one in the morning and fuck that i gonna go to bed..

I’ll talk with you all tomorrow =A=

((i dunno what i gonna do tomorrow, i’ll just.. think of something after i get some rest =.=))

Jul 7 '13




I’m going to be working on a large project. I so far have 8 Zoroarks lined up to be in a drawing together. if you have a zoroark or Zorua that you want me to add in, then send me an ask

Hold up though! I cant draw 54363547654 of them however so i will only be taking  more Zoroarks or Zoruas!

First come first serve.

And i WILL be checking your blog to see if you actually have a zoroark/ua

((signal boost~!! go spam him, he’s awesome :u))

Jun 20 '13

So this place has been very quiet, hasn’t it?

((My apologize for the silence everyone! i guess i got a little too distracted running my other ask blog, i’d been meaning to update this place soon but it seems like it’ll have to wait a little bit more since i’ll be going on my vacations these next couple of weeks [starting tomorrow~]

I’ll try my best to bring this place back alive, by adding a new character for a short while~ along with working on the plot and many other things [and use this anon magic that i’d been waiting for a long time~ >v<]

Anyway! i’m sorry for being gone for so long >3< but i promise i’ll bring this place back to live once i come back from my trip to Miami! :D

See you all very soon~! ^v^))

Jun 6 '13

Non of you jokers is hurting my friend -Zam

Jun 6 '13

M-My attacks are still pretty fast though! ;w; -Sessy

Jun 6 '13
I had to zoom out to take this.
Thank you random precious person~ &gt;v&lt;

I had to zoom out to take this.

Thank you random precious person~ >v<

Jun 5 '13

Jubilee Signups!


(Yep! Signups for the Jubilee are STILL going! Just like/reblog this post to get entered into the festival! It takes place from June 7-16! There’ll be a dance, flowers, and other events… let’s send out spring with a bang! :D

Jun 3 '13
Jun 3 '13

I should have said this sooner, didn’t i?

((As some of you may have notice the Ask Box is closed, and it will be close for a couple of days more~ while i try to clean it up! i have 40+ questions right now so yeah @w@

Please do not send questions to my other blogs, cuz if i don’t find them interesting or they don’t give me an idea right away, i might not just ignore it, i’ll delete it and not give it a chance cuz i’m pretty full right now i’m sorry >.<;; don’t run the risk and wait for me to be done. I save as many questions as i can, even if i don’t answer them right away [a few of the questions i replied recently were god months old]

So be patient for me please~ >v< i’ll surprise you with something nice once i’m done~!))